This Week in Property Tax-Issue 9

$40.8 Million Lost in Guam

Lets kick this week off with a story about Guam. Apparently an audit was conducted and it indicated that $40.8 million in real estate taxes were deemed "lost revenue". This includes "John Doe" properties that the Revenue and Tax agency does not have owner or contact information on. Read more here from the The Guam Daily Post.

Volunteer to Reduce Property Taxes?

Here is an interesting concept, the state of Rhode Island is considering a bill that would let senior citizens volunteer for property tax credits. Why limit it to just senior citizens, I would trade some volunteer work to lower my tax bill!

Debates in Philly Continue

The ongoing debates regarding property tax in Philadelphia are continuing.  City Councilman David Oh is proposing a bill that would change the city's charter to give Council members the power to approve or reject assessments if they exceed the national urban Consumer Price Index. Read more from Plan Philly here.

Colorado Property Tax Fixes Punted

Colorado lawmakers are punting one of the state's most pressing financial dilemmas, the statewide property tax cuts that will automatically go into place in 2019. Read more from the Denver Post here.

Are Connecticut Taxes Worth It?

A very interesting video/article on Connecticut Property Taxes. We reported last week on the impending Property Taxpocalypse, but this article from NBC CT shows the problem from a different perspective.

Fulton County Homeowners Getting Back Million

Good new for Fulton County, GA residents. The County will be refunding millions of property tax dollars after properties were illegally overvalued. Read/watch more from WSB-TV Atlanta.






David Salzer