This Week in Property Tax-Issue 6

No Deal on NE Property Tax Reforms

The odds of property tax legislation passing this year is all but dead after lawmakers could not reach an agreement over the weekend. Read the details from the Omaha World-Herald here.

NY follows NJ's Lead on Property Tax Loophole

New York lawmakers are trying to make the property tax deduction-charitable contribution play which NJ lawmakers first pushed. Read more from the NY Times here.

The Church of the Holy Sepluchre and Jerusalem's Property Tax

When is a property tax dispute between a church and a municipality an international controversy? When the church is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the municipality is the city of Jerusalem. Read more from the Oxford University Press's Blog here.

India Municipality Property Tax Collection Rate at 25%

After collecting just 25% of their property taxes, the Municipal Corporation of Aurangabad India rolls out an amnesty plan. Read more from the Times of India here.

Are High Property Taxes Worth It?

An interesting article from the Chicago Tribune about the positive aspects of high property tax. Read more here.

Interactive Map of NJ Property Tax Deductions

An interesting map of the property tax deduction average savings by county. Check out the map and some insights from NJ Spotlight here. It gets more interesting! Deep cuts to homestead tax relief is coming courtesy of the 2018 Budget. Read more about this potential impact from NJ Spotlight here.


Surprise, 9 out of the 10 counties with the highest property taxes surround New York City. Read more about it here.



David Salzer