This Week in Property Tax-Issue 7

Germany Property Tax Ruled Unconstitutional

A German high court rules that the nations property tax system is unconstitutional. East Germany vales are based on 1935 unit values, while west Germany values are based on 1964 unit values. Two articles on this topic, the first is from Euro News and the second is from from Handelsblatt Global.

Philly Home Values Spike 10.5%

Some unhappy residents in the City of Brotherly Love. The 2019 assessment shows an overall 10.5% increase in the median market value for a single family home. Read more from the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

Tax Reform in NE Not Dead Yet?

In last week's edition of TWIPT we included an article about the end of the NE legislative session and the lack of property tax reforms. Senators are now weighing the possibility of a special session. Read more from the Hastings Tribune here.

The United States of Taxation

A short article and more interesting infographic from MarketWatch on how much Americans pay in taxes. Maybe Axiomatic needs to relocate from the northeast...






David Salzer