This Week in Property Tax-Issue 4

Its hard to believe that this is already the fourth issue of This Week in Property Tax. Winter is quickly coming to a close, despite the weekly 'Nor Eastern we have been getting at the Axiomatic offices. A few interesting articles from the week:

Lincoln Land Institute Update

The Lincoln Land Institute has updated the State-by-State Property Tax at a Glance data.

China's Housing Marketing Slowing Down

Interesting article from The Real Deal on the slowdown in the Chinese property market. Most places wish that 16% growth in 2018 was considered "slowing".

Scranton Leaders Asking for First County-Wide Reval in 50 Years

Scranton city leaders are asking the Lackawanna County County commissioners to conduct a county-wide reassessment. Something that has not been done in 50 years! Video and article can be found HERE from I wonder what Dunder Mifflin's office is worth....

Kansas Business Group Labels Property-Tax Bill for Schools with ‘Number of the Beast’

The headline says it all, read more from HERE.

Washington Legislature Passes One-Time Property Tax Cut

Washington property tax has been in the news a lot over the past few months, debates have temporarily culminated in the legislature passing a one-time cut. Read more from the AP HERE.

Oregon Simplifies Personal Property Tax for Heavy Equipment

The Oregon state House and Senate approved HB 4139 to simply the existing complicated system, read more HERE.

Chicago Assessments Come Under Scrutiny

There are a lot of factors at play in this complex case, with a lot of players. This is an atricle to read carefully HERE.

David Salzer