This Week in Property Tax-Issue 1

For those of you who follow the Axiomatic blog, you know that we like to post articles from around the Country covering a variety of taxation issues. Feeling the urge to try something new, we are now going to be posting blog articles "en masse" each week entitled "This Week in Property Tax". Here we go!

Crypto no Taxo in Wyoming

A bill has been introduced in the WY legislature to exempt crypto currencey from property taxation. Read more from Cointelegraph here.

Commercial Property Tax Hikes in California

A 2018 ballot initiative to increase property taxes on commercial land in California could generate $6 bn to $10 bn in revenue. The LA times breaks it down here.

Tax Exempt? Not so Fast in Maine

Maine Governor Paul LePage is proposing taxing non-profits at 50% of their assessed value. WGME news outlines the proposal here.

Commercial Appraisals for Lending May Ease

US bank regulators are discussing relaxing regulations on independent appraisals for commercial lending. I guess no one wants to remember 2007...Read more here from Reuters.

Bid to Tax Douglas County Non-Profits Ends

The Douglas County, NE assessor has dropped her legal battle with the County Commissioners regarding taxing three nonprofit organizations operating retail stores. Read more from the Omaha World-Herald here.

Nebraska Property Tax Reform Remains in the News

Nebraska property tax reform remains in the news as the legislative session roles along. Many proposals and opinions, here are a few:

Legislature needs "schooled" on our property tax crisis

Petition drive to let Nebraskans vote on $1.1 billion in property tax savings

Nebraska property tax bill likely stuck in committee

Dark Stores Will not Go Away

Walmart wants tax refunds due to the Dark Store theory that is one of the biggest property tax topics of the past six months. Read more from wxpr here.


Hope you enjoyed Issue 1, stayed tuned for more from This Week in Property Tax!




David Salzer